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    Posted on March 10th, 2009 newes 89 comments

    Craving for Asia’s cuisine?   And couldn’t figure out what in particular dish you want to divulge in?  Try this newly opened in Hobbies of Asia, Pasay City across HK Sun Plaza, near SM Mall of Asia, called Yakimix, Sushi-Smokeless Grill-Restaurant.



    I find the ambiance spacious, you could comfortably sit on a couch.  And the restaurants’ set up for the grilling part is just right on the privacy of  your table.  What’s more it’s an eat-all-you-can buffet.

    ambiance at yakimix

    ambiance at yakimix

    You can choose from cooked Chinese dishes, some of the choices are yang chow rice, sweet & sour pork, mushroom with broccolli flower,  beef strips with teriyaki sauce, seafood roll,  marinated and deep fried squid, chicken and corn soup, and bird’s nest soup, while Korean dishes have tons of choices as well which includes bulgogi, broiled beef tripe, cellphane noodles in chicken broth, beansprouts kimchi, chopped radish kimchi, summer green kimchi, white cabbage kimchi,  and stir-fried octopus and the bestseller of all cuisine is the raw Japanese dishes, with the makis’ and tuna sashimis.  Their choices of raw meat,  poultry, seafood, vegetables and other spices are all lined up on a buffet table.  We were ecstatic, we couldn’t figure out what to do first, should we focus on eating cooked food or go to the raw section where we could choose from their selections as to what food we want to grill… It was fun and exciting for us,  because we love grilled food.  Below are the pictures of  selection of raw food for grilling.

    buffet of raw meat to grill

    buffet of raw meat to grill

    selection of chinese food

    selection of chinese food

    The Japanese food section is the best-seller of the night.  As you can see, it’s almost half-empty.  Some guests even waited for the Chef to prepare their makis just to be able to taste it.

    selection of japanese food

    selection of japanese food

    How can a restaurant forget the dessert section? Of course they have one, and it’s full of sweet treats.  There are fruits,cakes, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, rainbow cake, chocolate cake, sansrival, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, cream puffs, macaroons, tarts, choco eclair, different flavors of ice cream with sprinkles or toppings according to your preference, popsicles, mango sago, fruit salad, and buko salad.  I have tasted all of their dessert treats.  It was all yummy!  I love cheesecakes, for me strawberry cheesecake is the best among others.  I have noticed that guests really enjoyed this kind of set-up of restaurant.   For the price of P580.00 per head, it was really worth it.  Drinks are not included with the price mentioned, if you want to avail their bottomless drinks just add P55.00.

    fruits and ice cream toppings

    fruits and ice cream toppings

    baked sweet treats

    baked sweet treats



    Yakimix Branches :

    1.  Hobbies of asia, Macapagal Blvd. Pasay city. Tel. No. 3878120 / 3878112 / 5566673.

    2. G/F  SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, Paranaque City Tel. no. 8361535 / 8361536 / 8361537.

    3.  270 Tomas Morato Ave., Forum Bldg. Quezon City Tel. No. 3857500 / 3939100 / 3521866 / 3328073.

    4.  3/F, Greenbelt 3, Ayala, Makati City. Tel. No. 9988039 / 4755153

    5.  4/F, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City. Tel. No. 4755154

    Note:  If you dine at Yakimix, please let them know that you saw the review from


    89 responses to “yakimix”

    1. yakimixsucks

      I don’t recommend this restaurant to anybody at all. They have the worst service. Took 20 minutes to serve our drinks. You’d die of thirst before they actually “refill” your iced tea. The manager just walks around and doesnt really bother assisting the customers. The waiters are just as clumsy I tell you. I was with our foreign clients and I felt extremely embarrassed. I requested for our bill and it took another 30 minutes. They even got my bill mixed up, what’s worse, they lost my credit card and insisted they have returned it to me. You can only imagine how much of our time they’ve wasted. So if you’re looking for an eat-all-you-can buffet for 600++, I’d say go for Tong Yang Jupiter/Makati instead.

    2. Yakimix is the best!!! The staff is very friendly and food is yummy!!!

    3. cody and elle

      contrasting comments… hmm….

    4. thegoldenlake

      well we’ll be trying yakimix tom. ^_^ i hope everything goes well.

    5. We were supposed to eat there but I got really pissed with the cashier taking the reservations. I was trying to clarify their system of having reservations of only up to 630pm (such a stupid policy!) but she kept on yakking with no consideration of what I was saying at all!

      If a restaurant treats you that way over the phone, then what type of service should you expect from them? Well I guess that’s what you get from trying to eat at cheap places…

    6. there are a lot of people eating there, that’s y they do not accept reservation that much… they are like ‘1st cum 1st serve’ resto… we got there at around 7:15 and we are no.29 in the waiting list, got in at around 9pm but it is all worth the wait… the food are yummy but the grilling part is the best and the atmosphere is great - nice interior but a not-so-formal dining… if u are truly hungry and want to eat ryt away, dont go there specially dinner tym as you’re more likely to wait… but if ur after the fud and enjoyment i definitely recommend this place… :)

    7. Yakimix with YUCKY SERVICE AND SYSTEM. I don’t recommend this resto to people who don’t just go for ‘good food’ but for ‘good service too’… i mean you are a paying customer. They don’t have a clear and simple system when it comes to getting a reservation (over the phone)or you (as a customer) being waitlisted.
      I have also talked to their ARROGANT with an “I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE” ASSISTANT MANAGER CHITO! He doesn’t deserve that position! He doesn’t know how to address a simple waitlisting concern from a customer. Maybe he thinks even if they loose some they will get other customers. Have a heart! Well…this resto is only a FAD and remember CHITO people will get tired of your resto with you there!

    8. i just went to yakimix with my friend last night. it really worth going back.. the food are great specially their sushi and maki. thier hot food are great too… the comment i read has quite a different with my experience! the crew were really nice to me and my crowd. they even give us free drink (you can choose from ice tea or lemonade)while we were still in waiting list. worth waiting…^-^

    9. hi… just want to know, when po opening sa MOA and Tomas Morato.. Tnx! I want to have a discount card.. tnx!

    10. i had a very terrible experience at their Macapagal branch. The store was supposed to be closed at 11 pm but by 10 30 pm, they were already taking all the food off from the buffet table without even notifying the customers.

      What’s worse, they were already going to each of the tables collecting the bills and it’s not 11 pm yet!!! they were already cleaning our table and the grilling pan while we are still seated. They even spilled on my brother’s shirt while doing so. We tried to complain to their manager but he was VERY rude. He was already tucking out his shirt and folding his sleeves as if signifying to us that he already wants to go home and he has no time to listen to us.

      Food was mediocre for the 580 price. i wouldn’t recommend this to anyone

    11. Very nice site!

    12. Hey, yakimix tomas morato branch is open. i just tried it last night, the ambiance and food quality are excellent! i dont need to go to macapagal which is very far from my place… thankx yakimix for opening this branch! make me and my friend more convenient!!! yummy food!! good service!!!

    13. The food was great but service isn’t. Price is reasonable :)

      loved the salmon sashimi. It tasted really fresh compared to DADs

    14. Yakimix is okay, nothing really new about the taste. It’s just like Saisaki but with a smokeless grill.

      Was disappointed because I thought the food was as great as they said it would be, but it was mediocre.

      the service was slow too. :\

      I ate at their Tomas Morato branch btw

    15. May I know the rates and if you have function rooms?

    16. went to yakimix wit my family and we had a blast! the and service wer so good id recommend this restau to every1. i dunno bout the other branches the 1 in tomas morato was great. the service was rili gud. our waiter offered to cook for us kahet whole day ang shift nila and super tired na sha. love this restau. =)

    17. real yaki customer

      just ate at their morato branch earlier today to celebrate my brother’s bday.
      the service was wonderful. the staff were attentive yet not intrusive unlike other restaurants where they hover over the guests and watch you like hawks. yes, the bill was processed at normal speed (not too quickly but not too long either). they honor senior citizen discount & was even kind enough to give us a discount card! hooray!

      the food was delicious and the refill was quick so you don’t have any fear of “running out” of a particular dish. as i was getting the last 6 pcs of tempura, the waitress appeared beside me ready to get the empty plate and refill it!

      the tempura in particular was very satisfying, full length filled with prawns unlike other places that only have them half-filled. the tempura batter/breading was very tasty too.
      in other words, it tastes like REAL tempura.

      dessert was wonderful with selecta ice cream of different flavors, popsicles, fresh fruits, mango sago (we were sooo happy!), pastries, mini cakes, etc!

      the interiors were vibrant, nice lighting, cool airconditioning, good ventilation (even with all the grilling per table — smokeless), comfortable seat cushion and table height.

      as to previous comments complaining about lousy service, i don’t know what happened to you. maybe you were rude as well or were too demanding? what do you expect going to an all-you-can-eat buffet? of course there will be long lines and a longer waiting time. it’s kind of weird that you’d want to make a reservation at peak hours. we went at quarter to noon and were lucky enough to be seated right away. halfway through our lunch, there were families starting to line up already.

      i definitely will go back and highly recommend this place. real value for money. not too cheap yet not too expensive. i initially didn’t expect much but am very surprised and happy to have had such a good dining experience at yakimix.

      i’ll be back this christmas with my friends! :)

    18. real yaki customer

      hmmm, all the bad comments seem to be directed at the macapagal branch (which i have not been to). same owner ba or franchise?

      basta i highly recommend the morato branch.
      you won’t be disappointed unless you go out of your way to nitpick and find faults with every little thing.

      if you don’t want a noisy bustling place, bring your money to a fine dining resto (if you can afford it)

    19. your store manager CHITO is a looser… as long as you have him in your branch, your business is in big trouble… having great food is not enough but cheerful and not arrogant manager is a big factor too… to the management… think and be considerate!

    20. When our friend called Yakimix MOA a week ago to make a reservation for Dec 6 she was advised to just drop by early instead, around 11am, on the date itself. The staff was confident we will get tables.

      We didn’t.

      We arrived at 11:15am and half of the place was reserved for a party. The rest were reserved for other people. 11:15 am and they had no table for us.

      Why would a member of the restaurant staff discourage reservations via phone and guarantee seats if this kind of stupidity actually happens?

      The manager, CHITO (Yes, Sheryll, this is the same buffoon you complained about in your post and apparently he still has his undeserved job), was completely clueless on how to help us or how to resolve the problem. He stood there making pathetic excuses without any indication of wanting to make things right. How in the world did he become a manager?!

      At one point he smugly tells us, “Ano naman po ang i-cocomplain ninyo tungkol sakin?”

      I was not amused.

      The heads of this business need to be informed that they have in their employ people who are unwittingly sabotaging the reputation of their restaurant.

    21. Anyone been to MOA branch? I’m scared to try the macapagal branch with those comments….and Tomas is far from my place :-)

    22. I can see that they do have problems with the reservation. We tried the macapagal branch and for some reason a lot of people are waiting to be listed and waited for their turn to eat. As for us, my friend was able to get reservation but it was mentioned to him to be early or come before 6pm (their opening time). So far it was an ok experience for me. The food are fresh and marinated and its enough for the volume of people eating in the place. though they should have gotten a bigger place in order to accommodate people who are coming in, or probably thats the reason for have the MOA and morato branch in order to distribute the volume of people going into one place. ill be eating there in the 24th lunch time. I hope i can get a place there. :)

    23. Yakimix is good.. but dont expect reservations as everyone know people get tend to sit longer if the restaurant is buffet.. if you have to eat in yakimix be sure to be there by either 10:45 for lunch and 5:45 for dinner.. afterwards youll wait for about 1 - 1.5 hrz.. they are first come first serve basis but if you did reservation you’ll be put on their priority list.. doesnt mean that you’ll be seated as soon as you arrive there…. yakimix almost always have 3 waves of diners first wave if you come 6:00 then youll finish 8pm… second is 8 - 9:30 last is 9 to 11pm .. so dont expect to get seats right away.. but yes the wait is worthit … and if you love to eat till you drop yakimix is the one of the good place not bad 580+ bottomless “MANGO SAGO” juice hahaha thier crispy pata is one of the best be sure to wait for a freshly cooked crispy pata…

    24. I love Yakimix! and so does my friends and family, we’ve dined there ever since the first branch(macapagal) was open and they used to give out discount cards. The MOA branch is twice the size but if you don’t want to wait, better reserve days before or arrive around the opening hours since they only reserve half of the restaurant and the rest is “first come, first served”. The drinks are self-service now in the MOA branch so you don’t have to wait, and I recommend the Blue Lemonade! Food is great and I understand how some people are unhappy with the service, because serving a bunch of customers at a time can get a waiter confused. I recommend this to everyone :)

    25. reservation was a pissing experience, i was told to just go there instead, if i cant get a seat, damn them ill discourage everyone i know to that establishment, btw, i am expecting the worst dining experience so they better live up to the hype

    26. information security audit

      EPIC site. I’m totally looking forward to seeing more posts :)

    27. Yakimix in MOA is great! We went there last Dec. 17, 2009 at 2100H and was seated immediately, even though there was a group having their party at the function room. Maybe the comments comes from customers who where not used to dining in better restaurants. The place is always almost full. The food is great (the freshest salmon i have tasted), service was above par. I’ll go back before the year ends.
      Good place + great food = a lot of diners hungry to get a seat :)

    28. We tried this place at MOA. This place is really packed and full, it’s best to get there at 4:30 to make reservations for when they open at 5:30.

      1st of all, this place can get packed, so I’m pretty sure that the waiters and waitresses are really stressed and rushing around to please everyone. I have to agree though, with that said, it takes away from their friendliness and promptness. That is one thing that can be changed. But then again, it’s a buffet!

      Let’s get to the food. If you don’t plan your food selection carefully, you could leave the place not having tried everything on the menu. I suggest getting a little bit of everything, and when I say a little bit of everything, i mean like a table spoon of everything to just taste things out. Then whatever you like, go back for that. There were times I wasted stomach space on food that I didn’t really like (though it was good). The grilling experience is pretty cool, they had A LOT of fresh food to choose from to grill. Prawns.. meat wrapped asparagus.. squid.. Korean beef.. steaks.. but I suggest taking it easy on the grilled food. It doesn’t look alot on your plate when you gather your fresh meat, but after grilling gotta remember you’ve gotta eat it all (no leftover!).

      The sushi/maki was really great. I’d have to say they were much better than the Kamayan sushi/maki. There’s so many different kinds, like..fried maki.. crispy fish skin crumbs on the maki.. and so much more.

      The cooked foods were also really great. There were a lot to choose from as well.

      The desserts were great! wow. There were always 2 whole cakes ready for you to take a slice of. 1 was Goldilocks, the other was red ribbon. There was a freezer chest with icecream. Fruit desserts. Tarts. Cheesecake.

      This place had it all. I suggest being as friendly as you can to the waitresses there, make it worth their while as well as they serve you..remember that they’re also quite busy as well and stressed out by other customers. Another thing is, go early! reserve your table an hour before the place opens up. I recommend this place for sure. If you thought that Kamayan was the place to go, this one will give you a run for your money as well. Oh yes, one more thing. The place is really spacious. Usually at KFC or McDonalds you cant sit there without the back of your seat touching the other back of the seat of the other table’s chairs. This can walk right through between tables no problem, and you can move out of your seating area without banging chairs or having to say..”excuse excuse” to the table behind you as you go up to get more food. The seats are very comfy as well.

      By the way, Lunch is like P499, dinner is around P550+ I believe. Not bad if you ask me.

    29. I just want to give you some kudos for exerting effort in posting this entry and in coming up with this. I’m looking forward to more of your blogs.

    30. Just ate at their Tomas Morato branch last night with 7 officemates. Their staff is nice, understandably stressed but they were still courteous. The food is of high quality, the raw meat for grilling were over-spiced. 580 for EAYC, and 55 for DAYC.

      Let’s keep it short and sweet. Aside from the following, everything was GOOD:

      -When we arrived there we were told that they hold 2 reservation times for dinner - 6PM and 8PM. Only 6PM was divulged while I was calling. POSITIVE: Table turnover around 8PM was quick - we arrived around 7:40 PM, listed 7th in the waitlist, and was seated around 8:15 PM. Because we did not fit in the available table, one group of 4 went ahead and the other group was priority for another table.

      -A grumpy-looking man (manager?) claps to call the attention of his personnel. Aside from being disruptive to customers, it is an undignified way to communicate.

      -Drinks refill delays began around 10 PM. Little of a problem though, if we really want a drink we can get it straight from the dispenser.

    31. Went there at their Macapagal branch last week with my wife, at around 7pm. We were no. 8 on the waiting list but was able to wait inside (beside the entrance). After about 30 mins. of waiting, we were shown to our table. Service is ok, no complaints. Food is uhmm, nothing special actually although there’s an abundance of choices. If you want to get stuffed (with food) and don’t really care much about the taste, go ahead and stuff yourself to your heart’s content. But if you are the choosy type, look some place else.

      Recommended, but not highly.


    32. Went to T morato branch with my friends, and it was a blast for us. Great food, great employee. Good ambiance!

    33. we ate there last jan 9, we had a reservation. no problem whatsoever. the food was ok. service was ok.

    34. Ate at the Tomas Morato branch yesterday with friends, the food was great and the service was pretty good. I can at least say that this branch is worth coming back to in the future (heck, I have friends who want to go back there already)

    35. I have a terrible experience at macapagal branch. The food was ok but the staff, specifically their three lousy and arrogant supervisors (namely randy, ruther and roderick) ruined the service. The three of them approached our table while me and my family were eating, and yelled on us “wag nyong pakialaman yung stove baka sumabog! Kaya pla ang tindi ng usok eh!” Is that the professional way to say it on your guest? They didnt even asked us if we were the one who turned on the stove. I strongly agree with rico’s comment that there was nothing special with the food. It is my second time to eat in yakimix. The first one was in moa and the second time was here in macapagal. The first visit was ok but the second time was not. Very unprofessionaI staff! I do not recommend yakimix :(

    36. Yakimixperience

      My family celebrated my Mom’s bday in Yakimix MOA last night. We enjoyed the superb selection of sushis and makis while grilling (2 thumbs up).

      I found the grilled food just average. The marinade needs a bit of improvement. It was a good time to enjoy the appetizer and converse with one another.

      When your done feasting and grilling, you still have space for the dessert…the cakes and pastries were again alright but my husband and I enjoyed scoopfulls of icecream and toppings and mixing a bit of the fruits and pastries in it.

      It was a unique dining/ buffet / cookout experience. I would recommend it but I dont really rave about it.

      We got there at 7:00, we were seated before 8:00…the service was not so bad…they even sang Happy Birthday to my Mom…they refilled our drinks as we requested and cleared our table as fast as they could and billed us correctly…nothing special about their service.

      I really don’t know if I would go back but it’s worth the try and price…

    37. so many bad comments.. hmmm…

      our experience in MOA was ok. we waited for our turn though.

      food is great. love the sushi and sashimi..

      will go back soon.. :)

    38. their branch in tomas morato is the best in service compared to pasay city, more attentive and warm people, food is not questionable, all guaranteed fresh and always refilled

    39. “Maybe the comments comes from customers who where not used to dining in better restaurants.” - bun_joi December 28th, 2009 at 22:05

      You’re kidding, right? I did not want to sound like an elitist douche but this comment really irked me. I frequent Sofitel, Shangrila, and Mandarin buffets. Please. Frankly, given the circumstances my eating at Yakimix is tantamount to slumming it. So don’t give me that “not used to dining in better restaurants” sh*t.

      “Decent” food does not automatically make for a good buffet place. Horrible managers like Chito (good God someone fire him already!) and an equally ill supervised staff ruin the entire experience. Couple that with a completely confusing reservation system and you get yourself a wonderful menagerie of Stupid! Voila! Day ruined. Someone’s birthday ruined. Someone’s dinner date ruined.

      You either allow reservations or you don’t. Make up your mind, Yakimix!

      I’d rather stick to professional and AMAZING hotel buffet places than inflict upon myself or my friends the terrible service Yakimix offers.

      Please think twice (thrice even) before you eat at Yakimix especially if CHITO is there.

    40. I had eaten most of the time at T.Morato and it seems that they had the systematic service i had experience, the food is great and the staffs are very A-B CLASS,the receptionist is good if she thinks she cant handle she right away give the situation with the supervisor hmm the supervisors are well mannered and very prime to their answers (just look for EDWARD and MARY ANN)what i like most is every time there is a problem they console it fast with the to each other , like it was my grandfathers 91st bday they give a good way and access to the buffet area and rest rooms.
      i used to see the chinese speaking manager he communicates with guest very cool especially when it comes to reservations what a manager just standing at the corner with a sharp tiger eye looking over his people, just a wand of his hands his staff knows what to do…. thats the chinese traditional way which is good, my father even talk to this manager and he was amuzed because he looks like a Indian guy but can speak, dont question his speaking abilities. we just got to know that he is in Pasay branch, he really left a trade mark to his staff the aggressiveness and smartness.ill try to experience to dine at Pasay,
      again,KUDOS for the team in T.Morato.
      to all fellow buffet lovers,EAT YOUR HEART OUT and try the branch in T.MORATO youll not regret the service and time its WORTH WAITING!! with the 6pm and 8pm reservations they have you wont missed the pleasure to have that all our family and friends together.
      to the management of Yakimix expand in Makati Glorietta 5 and Bonifacio High Lands !!!
      KUNG HAI WAT CHAI!!!!!
      well always be your avid guest!!!

    41. Nice keep up the good work. where can we subscribe to the site

    42. First time to eat in Yakimix today. We went to their MOA branch around past 1pm. We were seated after 30 mins. Worth the wait. Definitely coming back.

    43. for those who do not know the number of SM MOA branch … HERE IT IS … 8361535 up to 37 .. will be eating there for lunch … so we will see how it is …

    44. I brought my wife and son yesterday at Yakimix Morato for a Valentine dinner. The food was great and the service was even better. Among the Yakimix branches, I think Morato has the best review. This is also near my place so it is convenient for me to try this branch first. Staff were courteous. They were very attentive in refilling the drinks and assisting with the stove. I can say that this branch is worth coming back to in the future.

      To those who had a bad experience in other branches, please do give Morato a chance when you’re in the area.

      On the other hand, we also came prepared since we expected hordes of people to go there. What I did was we went to the resto at 4PM while they were closed. Put our names on the list, left to get my car washed and also a haircut. Went back at 5:50PM and got very good seats in the resto. Outside, people were lining up. The small receiving area was bursting at the seams. A lot were already discouraged. When we left at 7:30 PM, there were 38 groups waiting for a table. Grabe.

      My key takeaways: It pays to do research, read reviews and economize your trip. If I did not need a carwash or haircut I would have my magazines and iPod handy for the wait.

    45. Dined at Yakimix MOA last Feb 13. Was there by 4pm. Guard told us that registration starts at 4:30pm. We waited it out, registered, and were allowed to go in by 5pm. Chito :) was the one who welcomed us. He was ok. He was all smiles and even joked around with my nephew. I told my family about the things I read here. My sister, who frequents the place, already noticed his attitude in one of her visits there. He overheard her mouthing bad words to his staff. Oh well, everyone has stress moments and it’s up to us how to handle them. Anyway, food was great especially the sashimis and makis. The latter has some ingredients that I never saw in Saisaki or in any Jap restos I ready went to. Yumyum! Cooking or grilling on the spot is not my thing but the experience was great as I’m with my family. Enjoy guys!

    46. Wag kayu kakain sa mga branch na rude un mga manager, naexperience ko yan 1st hand .. taena pasara nyo na kung ganun lang rin ang serbisyo na makukuha namin

    47. i hope that “chito” could read all these things written bout him… so he could improve himself..

    48. Yak—-yak !!!
      yaki—-yaki—- !!!
      yak means dirty !!!! no time to clean !
      Their kitchen is like a wet market…..oily, silly smell…..Wwweeee ! yak !

      I think this is very wrong !
      bad impression for the first time !!!

      Try to visit them, if you won’t believe in me ! I already experience it with my two eyes !
      Further more its super bad service talaga with their 2 branches…Macapagal & MOA branch.

      Asking for drinks & billing. They make you wait for almost 30 min. wow thats bad image !

      I will not recommend to my friends & relatives !

    49. This is my first and my last dinner at Yak Restaurant !!!

      - Super dirty & wet kitchen inside.
      - Super bad service.
      - Super clamsy waiters. (Bastos tagala)
      - Chito don’t know how to deal with the customers. Lack of educations.

    50. Mr. Chiu Wong Hin

      Worst Yak Experience !!!

      I don’t recommend this yak-restaurant to anybody at all.

      They have the worst service ever ! Took 20 minutes to serve our drinks. You’d die of thirst before they actually “refill” your iced tea. The manager just walks around and doesnt really bother assisting the customer’s needs. Bad Manager !!!

      The waiters are just as clumsy I tell you. I was with my foreign friends and I felt extremely embarrassed. I requested for our bill and it took another 30 minutes. They even got my bill mixed up, what’s worse, they mis-place my credit card and insisted they have returned it to me. Now, You can only imagine how much of our time they’ve wasted. So if you’re looking for an eat-all-you-can buffet for 600++, I would say go for Shangrila Edsa Plaza Chinese Bamboo Restaurant. Now, this is my last buffet at Yak Resto.

    51. Don’t think I’d be going back here anytime soon. We ate at the Macapagal branch and got such BAD service!!! Add to that,this very ANTIPATIKO captain waiter named Randy… They messed up our bill and added two more persons and that guy looked so annoyed and irritated when we were explaining to him that they have made a mistake. The service was really bad,ruined our night. Took forever to get our drinks. The waiters acted as if they were soooooo stressed and looked so darn irritated whenever you called their attention. Nakakasira ng night. I’ve never seen waiters in other busy restos and hotels act so stressed and panicked.OA nila.Their resto’s not even THAT big! The food? So overrated. The grilled fare tasted all the same anyway,plus the cooked viands were so limited. Nothing special at all.

    52. well as i heard all your woes and argues,,,, just think about working in a resto that jumped pack with irritating and annoying guest like us….. very bossing ang dating na if we want to have anything yung madali agad well where not our own home para ganun…..this guys work for their living!!
      i had been eating on their branches but one thing for sure OK naman ang fud!!! its worth waiting
      to the management with CHITO case well you done it well talagang irritating siya i had the WORST EXPERIENCE with him sa macapagal pa! as if bale wala lang sa management ang nangyayari !! kaya nga honestly i dont when i got to know nasa MOA siya naku…. i had tried calling the branch MOA and ang ginawa nya CHITO himself push my call sa MORATO and when i got to know that morato is jump pack also i myself called the morato branch and the person answer was explaining their reservation and walk in scheme and it was great!! i came at 8pm and in awhile we had our sits already!! dont invest with a staff na may bad traits with guest di magandang image yan. thats what happen to SAISAKI
      our recommendation is KICK OUT CHITO!!!!! his not an asset but a liability !!!!

    53. obviously, someone out there doesn’t like chito and is trolling… grow up, this isn’t the place to air your personal grievances

    54. is it affordable..or is it reasonable to pay for?i tried yakiniku house when i was in japan and it was really good..but its too expensive..dont they have any price list in their site so i will not waste my time going there and back out if the prices are very shocking..thanx..

    55. CHITO you dont deserve to be a MANAGER mag train ka muna………… irritating a pain to the guest !!! di na maganda ang tarriff sau ng mga customer!

    56. Bad service or Not

      I think who has bad experience with Yakimix in MOA was during Valentiens Day….

      1. If you want super service and good buffet… you got to pay more than 600 pesos of buffet…go to a Hotel

      2. MOA that day became like a divisoria…

      3. SM management is part of ruining the reservations when they closed the sea side that the restaurants can’t keep up with it that the line up for the table got messed up…

      4. I heard about that reservation before i was angry but when i heard they have their reservation a week before the valentines day…well i cant do anything about that…yes they accepted reservation but only 1 WEEK AHEAD…

      5. Honestly some of the diners where REALLY REALLY RUDE!!!!…give the waiters, chefs a break they are working their butt off…how much are they actually earning…they need a job like you do…

      6. Most of the dinners really took their time because of the pyro olympics… so it would really take you time before you can actually have your turn…

      ***I ate there during Valentines Day and during a normal weekend…it was different…

    57. Johnathon Yon

      this is the best!

    58. regular at MOA

      my family and I frequent the yakimix MOA branch and you just have to be patient. Once you leave your name on the list you should never ever walk around because if you miss your call you will have to keep on waiting again. And i had this experience once na I can no longer eat all of it and instead of making us pay for the extra 600++ the waiter hid the excess food in the dishes, we were so happy we tipped him extra for it. Now me and my wife not to brag but we are well off and we are used to great service and above average restaurants but we frequent yakimix (and yes tongyang) when we want to eat like theres no tommorow, we dont go for ambiance or friendly service and for god sakes dont celebrate occasions on buffet restaurants when you know its that hard to get in . just put it on your mindset that you came to eat and everything should be fine

    59. last thrusday i did drop by at T.Morato lunch time wow total jumped pack with guest what makes the lunch in bad intense is the electricity shout down!!!! whew we just came around 15mins before it blew the lunch gathering we sat at table 15 and were 12 college friends. all we had to do is to get the bill but the supervisor came over said there is no charges at all due to power failure wow…
      they are quick in deciding the situation and could make things easy , what catches us most there is a big guy telling the staffs what they are going to do he was busy talking on phone to the other my boss told me that he had been seing that guy over all the branches and very stiff and very straight when he talks
      we did ask the supervisor who is he and just told us the area mentor of the branches very simply guy and can speak the mandarin coz we did heared he was talking to the forign chef
      we are happy for the result of this coz were all fiurst timers my group usually eat at trumway buffet but surely well be back! we saw the flyers given by the receptionist the resto in Makati ave well try it.
      hey how could i avail the vip card hope to have one!!
      from Trumway to Yakimix fanatic

    60. are u open for franchise? if yes please send me the infos through my mail and i will be very happy to put your proposal on my highest consideration… thanks

    61. I have eaten at Yakimix MOA for 2 consecutive Sundays this march with my sport mates for lunch.

      The only reason I keep coming back was the salmon and the US beef fat that you grill, it was really juicy and tasty!

      The service wasn’t really that good though, the first time we went there, there were no available seats inside, I should have anticipated the place to be packed.

      We ended up sitting outside despite the extremely hot and humid weather. To make matters worse the grill wasn’t working no wonder the food we had put stayed raw for a good 20 mins, I was too hungry to care so I ate most of them medium rare! The waiters wouldn’t believe us and kept telling us to wait for a few mins. I don’t know if grilling raw meat takes 20 mins but I couldn’t see nor hear any sizzling on the grill.
      Good thing one of my friends who was starting to get pissed due to the slow grilling process had requested angrily to the manager to have us move to another table.

      The other bad thing I hated was their so-called reservation. It’s true that people will just stay in their tables even if they’re done eating. The lady who stands outside to take mediocre reservations was completely useless! There is no process. Best that you just arrive early and get a good seat. Otherwise when you’re late sit outside though it feels more like you’re the one being grilled than the food

      And it is true that you will die of thirst before they refill your drink all you can. I can easily walk to the table where they have all their refills if I want to, and quite frankly I’m really just after the food so I didn’t mind taking that short trip to refill my drink than wait for the waiters who are just hanging around doing nothing.

      Service-wise don’t expect anything fantastic, but if you’re too hungry to care, then eating there would definitely fill you up.

      I would definitely go back and just ignore their stupid service as long as their food stays as good but do not highly recommend the place for their beyond poor service.

    62. Two days ago, I went to the Tomas Morato branch to celebrate Easter with my dad. I’ve heard so many raves about the MOA and Morato branch so we decided to give it a try. We arrived at 10:45am and were 5th on the list to be seated.

      I’m usually a big eater, but I stopped after the first plate because the food wasn’t very good. I’ve NEVER been so disappointed in a buffet! Overall, the selection was small compared to Saisaki. Usually, at buffets I can pick out dishes that I would like… I didn’t like ANY of the cooked dishes at Yakimix The noodles looked tasty but they were cold on the first bite. The sushi was also pretty lame. My stomach also started acting up after I finished my plate.

      Yesterday, I had the worst symptoms of food poisoning I have ever experienced in my life. My dad and I suspect they had put out the leftover food from the previous night. You would think that such a high rated restaurant would consistently put out fresh food regardless of lunch or dinner.

      I would suggest that if you do go to Yakimix, go for dinner. If you must go for lunch, don’t get any of the first plates they offer.

    63. For all those whiners.. yes.. whiners… you have to understand YAKIMIX is a buffet.. some people go to Buffet just to eat. and eat.. do not go there to chitchat.. dont waste your time chatting in a buffet and your wasting other people time waiting for you whiners to finish eating… now the food is great. the service is soso.. what do you expect when huge number of guest getting mad on whos getting in first .. this is yakimix be ready.. to wait in line

    64. The branch at MOA sucks. The food is alright for the price but the service and the assistant manager and employees sucks. horrible service. I would not recommend this branch to anyone. It’s kind of wierd that everytime their is a bad review a good review follws immediately.

    65. My experience in yakimix morato was quite good, my family love it, the foods and service were really great! Mabuhay yakimix!

    66. wal kwenta yung namager
      in was speaking to him in plain english
      and he cant even keep up with me
      bad attitude..
      someone in hell kick him out
      he doesent deserve to be a manager ..

    67. leave it out

      well well the same bad reviews but still no action from the higher management , but we just want to know where is the fat chinese speaking manager , i had to ask the number of his branch so that i coud make good reservation from macapagal & morato how fast that he could assist me and my family!
      credible for such kind of individual that by only a phone call away the sub-collegues will just follow. thats what we call leadership.
      try to look for that officer by atlest 45% of your anger & complain will be well assisted.
      MOA well i dont usually go for reservation their because of their unruly and snob staffs. thats true from the manager to the security they are so antipatiko!!

    68. I dined in there T. Morato branch after hearing this resto from a friend. With 550+ worth of a buffet… this place isn’t bad. Don’t expect an authentic Japanese/Korean cuisine. Diners should already expect the worth of what they’re paying. Pretty sure kids would love this place but if you’ll be briniging foreigners here that’s stupidity…! Dampa is just few blocks away from their macapagal branch, and there you’ll be able to find an authentic cooking to serve to the foreigners.

    69. I went to YakiMix today. I found the food quite good but the service sucks.

      The waiter kept telling me to do this do that.
      He asked me to put the guest/order slip. Even asked me to get it back, even asked me to put the chili powder in the correct place.

      Dammit. I didnt pay to be told at what to do. Its his job after all not mine. A simple reach is all whats needed.

    70. I recently ate at the Macapagal branch. I have to agree that the drinks took about that long before it got served. Plus, the wait was so long it made me thirsty. I couldn’t get food until I got my drink.

      Overall, the restaurant needs a bit more improvement on how they present the dishes (the ones that need to be cooked) because some of them didn’t have any nameplates on so I wasn’t sure what to get. The US Beef slices had too much pepper on them, but it was good.

      Good points of the restaurant though, you have to come here because of the sushi which was very good and fresh. They didn’t have the best tasting tempura and it was full of batter. And I was kind of confused that they had kimchi in there.

      Anyway, I think you should come in early if you want to get served fast and I have to commend the sushi because it was really good.

    71. For me, the food is so-so, nothing special really.

      I think the staff badly need customer service training.

    72. my family had celebrated the fathers day at macapagal wow….10.30am the entrance door is filled with guest.the reception and the manager was assisting the us in full force the staff nice to hear greeting us Happy Fathers Day.
      the food is great and the staff are fine dont expect a fine serving area because you have entered a buffet war zone for tempura and sushi world.
      to diane , arthur ,randy and raji great job. what bother us most is the other girl supervisor Amy she cantg give good converstaion with the guest.

    73. hahaha there are a lot of people eating at this resto, also i think the bad comments are so rude, as a food fanatic you can provide bad comments but not make them not to go to the place and experience it, though there are bad experiences from you guys(if you are more than one) i think the bad comments came from just one person though(don’t be bitter)

      what can i say, i went to the resto with my aunt to celebrate her birthday, one of the supervisor on the floor over heard me singing happy birthday to my aunt, guess what? 5 crew members with a tambourine and sang happy birthday

      comments are good but dont expect the readers fall for what you say ( who ever you are) i eat there a lot and im a food fanatic, and even after my meal i give comments to the manager.BTW im a FOOD CRITIC

    74. Brooke Morris

      Cheesecakes are the best and yummiest cakes that you can eat.*;:

    75. i still did not tried the yakimix in moa.i already ate at thomas morato and the service is really great, they will refill ur drinks on time. i recommend u in thomas morato branch. but i know it sucks in macapagal so dont go there

    76. The pink salmon and uni sushi were great and i loved the cross over with dad’s and kamayan. worth the wait.

    77. Tama nga ang mga negative comment dito. kala ko kc nag bago na hindi pa rin. pinagsisihan ko na pumunta pa ako dyan.

    78. Was just there last week, Monday, we arrived early kasi nga alam kong maraming tao, in fact, asa MOA na kami ng 10:30AM, so nung nag 11 we went straight to Yakimix, and it was the best experience for a first time lunch at Yakimix. The staff were attentive and the food were soo good. I love the food choices and the blue lemonade too. Would go back this Wednesday for my sister’s celebration for passing the Nursing Board Exam.

    79. i love morato guys..

    80. My boyfriend and I went to Yakimix MOA last Saturday. All I could say is that the foods are superb! There are a lot of choices and the staff were attentive and corteous. Though we had to wait outside for about 45 minutes, I think it’s worth the wait. :) We will definitely go back there soon. :)

    81. I went here in my birthday in MOA, it was really nice, we were the first one to go inside and we were the first one to eat! The food is great, the customer service was nice, not excellent, but it was great since they serve you with a smile, but a waitress indirectly mocked me there, good thing I just ignored it.

      Point is everyone, branches really differ, don’t judge the place you visited and blame the whole restaurant reputation to a let down, if the branch is really bad, for example, the Macapagal branch, why you don’t complain to the main head of the restaurant? Since people will have a bad view in this restaurant that is really nice, branches don’t always have the same taste, MOA branch was really excellent, I loved the taste!

      And bottom line, choose branches carefully, even it’s farther in your home, we woke up at 7 just to go there, and it was worth it.

    82. I recomend this resto to everybody , they have a wide variety of dishes and service is pretty great . The only problem i had is about choosing what to get because most of the food is unfamiliar and leaving left overs would cost more . But other than that , it’s a great place to reconcile with friends , families , etc. :D

    83. i made sure i read all negative feedback before dining in here so i can prepare for the worst. but i actually had a great time in yakimix– hobbies of asia branch (macapagal). the food was great and the variety was amazing: they had something for japanese, chinese and korean food lovers, not to mention the array of desserts (ice cream and fruits) and cakes (from red ribbon and goldilocks; they are not strange to our hearts and tummies).
      i think the comments are based on the branch. the crew in macapagal were attentive and accomodating but they seemed odd when i spoke or commended them in english. i would definitely come back!
      TIP: do not overwhelm yourself in sushi or you’ll get too full too quickly

    84. I don’t know why people are disappointed about service; after all it’s a buffet! If you want service take your family and friends to a fine dining restaurant.

      I went to the MOA branch and the experience was wonderful… yes, the place was really busy but while waiting to be seated we received free refreshments which made all the difference — most places just expect you to stand around.

      The vast food selection pleased the family. Quality was good and being a buffet the best part is you get to eat all you can!
      Highly recommended and will definitely try their other branches.

    85. Good points

    86. My boyfriend and I went to Yakimix MOA last Saturday. All I could say is that the foods are superb! There are a lot of choices and the staff were attentive and corteous. Though we had to wait outside for about 45 minutes, I think it’s worth the wait. :) We will definitely go back there soon. :)

      i’m not against or what in Yaki Mix.
      but as i’ve read some comments..
      it’s really weird that you guys telling the food is yummy.. or great food.
      because first of all, all foods were just fried/stir fry by you.
      all food is simply marinated with few ingredients that you can’t even taste it.
      so, how can you tell it’s delicious?
      if it’s simple as frying [lighter than fry. since i think it's considered as stir fry].

      the desserts and maki’s maybe yes. i’s great.
      but as long as you’ve mentioned the foods. it’s obviously referring to the one you’ll cook by yourself. as it’s the “main” food we’re talking about. :P

    88. I will be in Morato branch today with the girl of my life. :) I will update you guys with my experience in Yakimix as soon as I can. :)