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  • tramway garden buffet

    Posted on March 4th, 2009 newes 33 comments

    If you have an appetite for a combination of Filipino, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.  And you’re in the mood for an all-you-can-eat buffet then, Tramway Garden Buffet is for you.


    For the price of P198.00, you can devour as many as you can eat food.  Their menu varies, depends on the availability in the market.  But the all time favorite Sweet and Sour Pork is always available.  It is crunchy, a truly sweet and sour taste, rich but then watch out for half of the breaded pork is pork fat maybe that’s why it’s juicy? hehe  And an intensely satisfying dish Yang Chow Rice, what makes it satisfying is that the grains of the rice was cooked with egg, green peas, cooked shrimp sometimes with ham.  Imagine how does it taste now? hehe  The rice itself is almost as if one full meal already even without any viand.

    Sweet and sour pork, Yang Chow rice

    Sweet and sour pork, Yang Chow rice

    Seafood Roll, breaded fruit cocktail with shrimp mayonnaise and condensed milk.  I have tasted more of pineapple rather than assorted fruits, as expected the pineapple is kinda sour.  And since i’m the type of person that hates mayonnaise can you imagine scraping off the mayonnaise out of the fruit and shrimp before eating it?  The rest of the dish is ok except with the sour pineapple and the mayonnaise, blends perfectly especially the breadcrumbs that they use to make it crunchy.  A remarkable dish invention!

    Spiced Clams, yummy! Eventhough it was mass cooked in these resto, as we all know all-you-can-eat resto usually is jampacked with a hungry stomach, still they managed to make the clams clean before cooking and put spices in it.  It was far different from the usual clams that I have tasted.  This was cooked well, and tasty.

    Seafood Roll & Spiced Clams respectively

    Seafood Roll & Spiced Clams respectively

    Roasted Chicken, typical roasted that you can eat from other Rotisserie’s offered.  I was expecting that the marinade is until the inner meat of the chicken but then it was not, I think it was only marinated for an hour.  It was nothing special for me.  Fried wanton, if you love dumplings then this is for you!  I love dumpling, when I heard that they will be serving this as well, i’m so eager to get as much as i can, but then the downside of such you’ll get your stomach full easily as this is a deep-fried dish.  The meat of the fried wanton blends well,  you will not even notice that they also use carrots and other spices for it was smooth in the mouth.  

    fried chicken and fried wanton respectively

    fried chicken and fried wanton respectively

    California Maki, it was ok.  Since their version is with crabstick, mango and a little dash of fish roe.  I was a little disappointed, I prefer more of orange roe at the outer layer of  the california maki.  But then, who am I to complain when I’m only paying P199.00 for all these dishes.  

    california maki

    california maki

    Tramway Garden Buffet usually offers 7 main dishes in every buffet hour.  From Mondays to Saturdays they charges P199.00 per head, with the following dishes offered:2 kinds of soup:  miso soup and soup of the day, yang chow fried rice, pancit canton guisado or birthday noodle or spaghetti, 7 main dishes choices from(main dishes varies if what is available in the market):  steamed fish, sweet and sour pork, fried chicken, vegetable with garlic, fried wanton, mapo tofu, salad roll, halaan with taosi, pork tendon,sliced beef with kailan, salt and pepper porkchop.   But every Sunday lunch is different they offers 16 dishes, with additional seafood such as Calamares, salt and pepper prawn or shrimp tempura, crab sotanghon and the most sought after Patatim.  At P312.00 per head.  All comes with california maki, fried pao, century egg, japanese steamed egg, chinese dimsum, vegetable salad, tosse lettuce/carrots/cucumber/onions with thousand island dressing, macaroni salad.  

    What’s a meal without dessert?  They have seasonal fresh fruits like  watermelon, papaya,and  pineapple.  And also carries buchi, ginataang halo-halo and mais, halo-halo and leche flan.  Beverages offered are: iced tea, pineapple juice, fruit shakes and soda.    Store hours is from 11am - 3:00pm then 6:00pm - 10pm.  With the following branches already:

    1.  Tramway Timog - 65 Timog Ave. Quezon City - Tel. No.: 4152005

    2.  Tramway Banawe - 76 Scout Alcaraz St. cor. Banawe St. Quezon City - Tel. No.: 4111565.

    FYI:  Tramway Banawe charges only P188.00 per head.

    NOTE:   If you dine at Tramway Garden Buffet, please let them know that you saw the review from


    33 responses to “tramway garden buffet”

    1. hi do you accept baptismal’s party for 75persons..

    2. yes i believe they do =) thanks for visiting

    3. Good.

    4. We just treated our support team for lunch and they were stuffed, they enjoyed the lunch so much. One thing though, they don’t give chopsticks (what’s Chinese or Japanese food without them, it sort of takes away the fun). But ok na rin kasi it’s only P199. We tried the Timog Branch. Ok din ba sa Banawe?

    5. do u hav branch somewhere near at the airport ?

    6. i hav 60 students coming and i want to hav a dinner buffet near at the airport . pls let me know if u do hav branch there..tnx

    7. Hi juliet! currently tramway has 2 branches. As stated, one in banawe cor. scout alcaraz st and another in timog avenue both in quezon city.

    8. Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

    9. san po tong branch? timog or bnawe? =D

    10. Hi this is timog =)

    11. Hi,

      Will celebrate my child’s baptism for about 60 -70 pax can you give me a list of your possible menu pls … and how much is the charge for the function room?can we put tarp as well as baloons in the reception ?how much is the amount for drinks, is it possible to order bottomless iced tea?

    12. Hi,

      We will be having our son’s baptismal on december 29,2009. We are expecting 50-60 guest. How much will it be in total?do you have any package deal for this kind of event?


    13. lalaine baquirin

      can you pls send me list of menus for baptism for 50 - 80persons, kindly include price of drinks. is there an available function room for the occasion? how much is the charge?

    14. Hi,

      I am currently in Dubai and I am coming home to hold my own wedding reception on the 1st week of June. In this case, is it possible for you to cater during my day more than 80 persons? Another issue is the food, can you serve an all HALAL menu since I and my husband to be are Muslims? Is it also possible to request to include even a bit of Arabic food in the menu like Arabic bread, grilled meat (kebab) and the like, just to give in to the Arabic taste in the reception. Kindly send me a quote and the rest shall follow.. thanks!

    15. hi,
      I would like to know if they have the same rate of 188 per head in Banawe on Sundays. We plan to reserve about 50-70 pax for my child’s baptism. Can you also send via email a price list for the drinks. We have eaten numerous times to this branch but never on a Sunday thus I’m not aware if they have a diff rate on sundays. Please provide us their terms and conditions like lead time to reserve, downpayment if any, discounts etc and if they have other packages they include for group reservations like this, like cake balloons, souvenirs etc. Thanks a lot!

    16. Great review! We actually ate here last time also and I must say, for P199, just the steamed lapu-lapu alone was worth it!


    17. Hi i wonder if they do bday celebration? And do they have an email address or website were i can inquire? Thanks so much.

    18. Hi Juvy, thanks for your comment. Yes they do bday celebration, kindly contact them for your inquiries.

    19. Hi! Can you pls send me list of menus for baptism for 50-60 persons, kindly include price of drinks. is there an available function room for the occasion? how much is the charge? Do u give packages for this kind of event?

    20. Hullo, how are you? I really like ur blog! I wonder if you can assist me (im positive some other readers might also be interested). I want to get into writing a blog as well and I at the moment have a blog with Wordpress, but it is very confusing for me to use and I would very much like to try to get several good training guides or courses (hopefully free) that can assist me in making use of wordpress correctly. As a Word Press webmaster yourself, do you perhaps maybe know where i can get tutorials to be able to do this? Thanks!

    21. Hi Cherry

      thank you for visiting

      However, MetroRestoReview is not in any way connected with the restaurants we evaluate. Kindly call them directly for your inquiries i’m sure they will be very glad to assist you. Please find the telephone numbers of the branches on this page. Thanks!

    22. Hi, we had our dinner at Timog branch last Jan. 6 and we enjoyed the food very much in fact my family and I had a plan to there anytime soon. Foods are great tasting. love it!!!!

    23. Hi, we had our dinner at Timog branch last Jan. 6 and we enjoyed the food very much in fact my family and I had a plan to go there anytime soon. Foods are great tasting. love it!!!!

    24. Hi, i already ate a lot of times in your banawe branch and brought many persons many times already. And their stomach were really satisfied. I am looking for a venue for my baby shower wherein our guests will be happy, and considering tramway as one of my choice. Can you send me a proposal for a lunch or meryenda buffet menu ? thanks

    25. Hi,

      I’ll be celebrating mg birthday on May 14. At the same time its our wedding anniversarry. Im am planning to treat my family on lunch or dinner. Can you give me quotation for 30 persons. Im just living in Roosevelt area, so any Trmaway location will do.

    26. Hi Gem,

      Thank you for visiting however we only do reviews for different restaurants and is not in any way connected with any of the restaurants we review. Kindly contact the restaurant directly for your inquiry. Thanks and takecare

    27. what was the price for sunday buffet? was there any changes?

    28. hi there..
      just wanna ask howmuch is the dinner buffet during saturdays… is it still 199??
      coz our family is planning to celebrate my mom’s bday in your place at timog tom sept.11..
      one more thing, do we need to call for a reservation?
      hope to receive your response tom morning..

    29. Hi do u accept credit card visa for payment? ty

    30. am planning to celebrate my bday tomorrow, oct. 15 at your tramway. ty

    31. im form pir kady of fatima university and we ate there last october 8, 2010. well, the food is good. but i don’t like the place (function room).

    32. this post is very helpful been looking for a nice all you can eat place and im already confused with so many listings

      but this just made my decision. thanks much! :D
      will be celebrating my bday there on sat. nyt!

    33. ang sarap talaga kumain dito ang sarap ng mga ulam